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Inspection, -Quantity, -Quality, -Packing, -Labeling, -Loading, -Transportation, -Delivery time etc. stipulated in the sales contract of the delivery of a tradable good to the buyer. It is the determination by the buyer or seller, through an “Inspection Company”, to what extent it is carried out in accordance with the conditions.

Inspection Service

  • The quality, quantity and safety of the products are recorded and protected during the loading, which is carried out full-time by EZHAR Institutional. Surveillance is inspected at every stage, photographed and recorded, if necessary, the loading process is stopped and the safety of the products is preserved. Thus, product integrity and quality are fully preserved.

  • Supervision of the loading works of all kinds of semi-finished and consumer products on the transport vehicles, in the inspection area, during the loading work on the Truck / Truck and Container transport vehicles Visual No damage compliance amount Sealing etc. Supervision is carried out within the scope of our accreditation.

Major Benefits of Inspection

It checks whether the products comply with the standards and conditions before and after the shipment of the Buyer and the Seller.

To prevent damages that may arise in a possible dispute between the buyer and the seller in the future.

Inspection Company Must Haves

That it is independent.

That it is reliable.

It is an international institution.

It is accredited.

Visual damage control of the products is provided by on-site supervision in container, truck and truck loadings. Controlled transport vehicles such as containers, trucks and trucks are sealed and recorded. Detailed inspection reports of the supervised cargo are provided to our customers. In your export surveillance, EZHAR CORPORATE aims to provide you with trouble-free service with its expert staff.

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