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Saber system is a new system that has come to facilitate export/import transactions in Saudi Arabia, which are processed online.

What is Saber (Saber System)?

SABER is a system designed to facilitate the new Saudi Product Safety Program known as 'SALEEM'. The data to be recorded and stored in SABER includes technical data/test reports verifying the safety aspects of the products being shipped, as well as shipping documents such as Certificates of Origin, commercial invoices and Bills of Lading.

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Saber nedir - Saso Saber - Saber Sistemi - Ezhar Kurumsal

Relationship Between SASO and SABER

The Saudi Arabian government requires every product to be exported to the country to comply with the technical regulations of the Saudi Standard, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO). The SASO organization guides these standards within the framework of the Saudi Arabia Conformity Assessment Program (CAP). Accordingly, each product must have a certificate. These documents express the conformity of the relevant product with safety, standards and technical regulations.


The SASO Certificate of Conformity (COC) is an indispensable document for products going to Saudi borders and ports and must be accompanied by the product in all exports. If there is no SASO certificate, your product is definitely not allowed to enter the country.



Only test reports issued by an ISO 17025 certified laboratory can be accepted to prove SASO compliance. As PTC Product Testing and Certification Company, we provide services to our valued customers for the issuance of SASO certificate of conformity with our experienced and expert engineer staff with TS EN 17025 Laboratory accreditation. While providing this service, we support you not only in the exchange of documents, but also in every technical and communication issue from the production stage of your business to the process of receiving the products from your buyer in Saudi Arabia.

Saber nedir - Saso Saber - Saber Sistemi - Ezhar Kurumsal

Requirements for SASO Certificate;

  • IECEE CB Test Report and CB Certificate from a 3-year IECEE Certified Body, conforming to the applicable IEC safety standard.


  • Products must be tested for SASO Energy Efficiency requirements in accordance with the standard SASO 2870: 2015 or SASO 2902: 2018, depending on the product type. This test should be performed by a SASO approved laboratory. Please contact us for an up-to-date list of SASO approved laboratories.


  • Apply for SASO Energy Efficiency Certificate and Labels for the product using SASO 2870:2015 or SASO 2902:2018 test reports gained from point 2 above.


  • Apply for SASO IECEE Recognition Certificate using the IECEE CB Test Report, IECEE CB Certificate and Energy Efficiency documents mentioned in the previous points.

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