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EZHAR CORPORATE Quality Engineering and Certification Industry Trade Limited Company; "Type A Inspection Body" specified in the TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 Standard for inspection and surveillance activities adheres to its principles and works directly under the General Manager. Company owner Ms. Çiğdem Reis GÜLEÇİN constitutes the top management. In this context, Senior Management;

► Inspection activities will not be affected by institutions and organizations outside the company. will carry out,
► Without discrimination between customer demands; independence, impartiality, confidentiality and honesty Based on the principles of the company, it performs by adhering to the ethical and moral values ​​of the company and does not does not have a conflict of interest with the institution,
► Company personnel are protected from all kinds of commercial, financial and other pressures that may affect the inspection services. will employ separately, ► Inquiry about the personnel performing the inspection activities, the work they have done, administratively, within the framework of its competencies in evaluation and reporting, will act independently
► Wage, bonus and performance evaluation of inspection personnel, monitoring and inspections will be independent of the number and results,
► Without any discrimination between the parties, the service requests that may come from all relevant parties service is provided within the framework of the principles determined and documented by the company, and all procedures being implemented in the company are implemented without discrimination, ► Information and documents obtained at every stage of our inspection processes, our inspection teams, by our bodies and employees without compromising the principles of confidentiality and impartiality, will be evaluated according to the criteria ► Violating the principle of impartiality to customers served from other activities of CAB partners Inspection service will not be provided in order to avoid
► It will assume the authority and responsibility for the decisions related to the inspection,




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